The Sensor

A unique and intelligent Sensor.




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Made in Germany

German engineering combined with international hightech.

Magnetic field transponation

Precise measurement of rein forces.


Connecting to mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Registered patent


No cumbersome manual calibration needed.

The App

A unique functioning App.

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Responsive Design

Works with iOS and Android.

Easy setup

An intuitive and simple function ensures the best user experience in every situation.

Excellent performance

Designed for superior results.

Vocal output

Hear how strong you are pulling on the reins. Vocal announcement of the rein forces in real time.

Visualization of the rein forces

See what forces you apply to your horse when riding.

Real time as well as history

Watch your actual rein forces live as well as in short term history. See the impact of your exercises on your horse.





The first impression matters.

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Background knowledge

Our innovative sensor for rein force measurement is installed between the reins and the horse’s mouth. With Tension Care it is possible for the first time to measure the rein forces up to 45kg and to transmit the data wirelessly to your smartphone, where they are visualized. The rider can choose to either see the average rein forces on the display or receive the information vocally. Alternatively, it is also possible to display the data in a chart in real time. With this second function, the trainer is able to instantly analyze the applied forces and provide direct feedback to his trainee for better training results. The data can be saved on the mobile devices as on-screen video in order to watch the session at a later stage. It is planned to also store the real data and make them transferrable to a computer.

The sensor shell is made from a high performance aluminum alloy such that it can withstand extreme forces, i.e. when the horse is frightened. The sensor can deal with it without risk of damage.

Made in Germany:
The sensor has been developed by scientists in order to fulfill the high requirements for a proper function. All parts are made of superior quality and assembled in Germany.

Wide range of tension measurement:
For the first time a sensor can measure rein forces even up to 45kg, this has never been achieved before.

Easy to use:
The compact and light sensor can be easily set up and needs no extra device or annoying cables due to its wireless data transmission.

Easy power supply:
You want to use the sensor and realize that you actually forgot to charge it beforehand? Our system works with batteries that you can quickly buy anywhere at almost any time – so TensionCARE is always ready for use.

Direct feedback to the rider: The peak forces in average over some seconds time are vocally announced to you whilst riding your horse. So you directly hear what level of force your horse feels in its mouth!

Recording of data: In case you want to analyze your parades or how evenly distributed your hands act, there is a chart showing the recorded forces over time. You can activate your on-screen video on your mobile device and watch this video at a later stage together with your trainer.

As a trainer you can either directly intervene with your trainee during a session or provide feedback at a later stage using the video. So you can analyze the left and right hand force, its level as well as its duration. Has the trainee instantly released tension upon the horses’ reaction? During a parade, has the trainee started with a limited rein force and then slowly stepped up or has the trainee pulled too strongly straight from the beginning? The trainer receives a powerful tool to provide feedback supported by data. For the first time a trainer can see how much is strong!

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